The Origin and Unique Meaning of “Green Beret”

In 1953, Major Brooke,a Herbert of the United States Army Special Forces, was the first to design a green beret. The same year, Roger. Lieutenant Petzal matches it as an informal hat for his command of the FA-32 Combat Unit Group A. They wear this hat whenever they go to exercise. Soon, this kind of hat became popular among the special forces of the United States Army. However, the Army Command did not like the hat and refused to put it into the army.

In 1961, President Kennedy, who was keen to build with special forces, offered to visit Brigsburg, the cradle of special forces. Before the visit, he told William, commander of the Special Warfare Center. Abram, have all the SWAT players wear their berets the day before he reviews. Kennedy believed that special forces had a special mission and should have a marker to distinguish them from conventional forces. Abram took the opportunity to recommend that Army Command approve the distribution of green berets as official military caps for special forces, so that the special forces would have their own berets on the day they were read. The Army Command reluctantly agreed to Abram’s request, On October 12, 1961, President Kennedy visited Bregbourg. Abram greeted him in a green beret at the gate of the Special Battle Center. The President smiled at the sight of Green Bailey and asked, “it looks very energetic. What do you think of the green berets? ” Abram replied, “I think it’s good. We’ve been looking forward to it for a long time before we finally take it with us.”

In a White House memo to the Army on April 11, 1962, Kennedy again expressed support for the special forces, calling the green berets “a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a unique symbol of freedom.”

On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, and his body was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC. Sgt. Rudy, in his respect for President Kennedy, sadly took off his beret and laid it at Kennedy’s grave. Since then, on November 22, the Green Berets have placed a wreath and a green beret at his grave in honor of President Kennedy.

The top ornament of “Green Beret”: the motto of the black bottom silver surface embroidered with the “Green Beret” force: De Dppresso Liber., a Spanish, meaning “emancipated the oppressed”. Two cross arrows represent the role of the “Green Beret” force in the unconventional war, such as the arrow in the heart of the enemy. At the intersection of the arrows, the sword was stacked to reflect the quality of the “Green Beret” army, which was a silent and deadly weapon used by American Indians.

Green Berets armbands: arrowhead shapes represent Indian disillusionment and martial arts. An upward dagger symbolizes the unconventional combat mission of the Green Berets. Three lightning lines represent the speed, intensity, and penetration of action: land, sea, and air. Gold stands for eternity and inspiration; green for green berets represents all-encompassing and omnipotent tasks.

`”Green Beret” Army badge: the cross-arrow symbol comes from an Indian serving with the United States Army. Their scouts were successful in major American battles. The Indian reconnaissance unit was withdrawn in 1939. The cross model represents the unit’s long sleep and rest. In the 1960s, some officers of the Army Special Operations Brigade wore it as a collar. In April 1987, it was officially designated as the “green beret” regiment badge.

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